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Our goals

The top of the branch


WesTrade wants to realize a durable and profitable growth in a responsible way, which gives the concern a place in the top of the industry sectors that the concern is active in.

Important precondition at the realization of these goals and strategy is the creation of ‘freedom of solidarity’. The freedom is designed by putting the entrepreneurship as low in the organization as possible, under application of the corresponding operational model.

By operating in a network of cooperational relations and with more cohesion, WesTrade strives for a top position in the strategically relevant market sections and for selective expansion.

At this, the starting points are offering an inspiring work environment and socially responsible business practices.

Because we are still off the beaten tracks with this strategy and because we distinguish ourselves from our competition, we offer a challenging work environment. Despite of all technique, it is and remains work of man; in the end, WesTrade consists of her employees.

From the core values, our people deliver a visible and meaningful individual contribution in an involved, clear-cut and decisive way to the realization of the strategy. Our people can be proud of their performances that add value for our customers, shareholders, investors and suppliers.