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Our strategy

The seven pillars


WesTrade wants to be the very best on her field and therefore carefully invests in knowledge and skills of the employees and in good and innovative material. The starting point is to create a valuable addition for our customers by close cooperation.

Westrade’s company strategy is based on seven pillars:
  1. Top player on the relevant basic markets;
  2. Strengthening position of the different sectors;
  3. Stimulate multidisciplinary cooperation;
  4. Realization of a durable and profitable growth;
  5. The creation of an inspiring work environment;
  6. Attractive employer for employees;
  7. Adequate risk management systematic.  
We cherish our regular customers and continuously listen to the signals they give that could possible lead to a change.

We are also continuously looking for new customers that suit our company and that value the same quality level we want to deliver.

Only in this way, we can be and remain a healthy company.