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WesTrade e-Commerce?

Who are we?

Who are we?

WesTrade, established in 1994, has developed itself throughout the many years of her existence to a multidisciplinary company that serves her customer on divergent areas.
WesTrade is a world-wide operating company with different operating companies that are active on many areas.

WesTrade’s operating companies are independent Dutch companies, which guarantee short lines of communication, flexibility, a personal service and a quick response to market developments.

The different markets that we are active in have quickly developed over the past few years. The globalization changes the market conditions and sets new standards that we have to comply with. At the same time, this also offers new possibilities to further expand our organization.

By autonomous growth and acquisitions, WesTrade has been able to quickly develop. The moving spirit behind WesTrade’s success and her operating companies is our expanded and flexible offer of services, our skilled and motivated employees and our solid financial position.

If possible, all operating companies cooperate, but serve the market independently. By an efficient organization, synergetic advantages are achieved.

The WesTrade Group is a dynamic organization at which the employees have their own big responsibility and decision-making power. This is at the advantage of suppliers and customers because there are short lines and everyone will be helped.

On the financial area, WesTrade and the several operating companies have built up a healthy position because the operating companies have their own financial goals and because they are all independently responsible for the result.

WesTrade’s strategy is focused on a further expansion of our position on a number of selected market sections by means of autonomous growth, acquisitions and a continuous improvement of the quality of services.